Are Chiropractors Real Doctors?

by admin on November 28, 2011

A chiropractic college grants a D.C. or Doctorate of Chiropractic degree. Chiropractors are licensed as health care providers in every U.S. state and dozens of countries around the world. While the competition for acceptance in chiropractic school is not as fierce as medical school, the chiropractic and medical school curricula are extremely rigorous and virtually identical. In fact, chiropractors have more hours of classroom education than their medical counterparts. As part of their education, chiropractic students also complete a residency working with real patients in a clinical setting, supervised by licensed doctors of chiropractic. Once chiropractic students graduate, they have to pass four sets of national board exams as well as state board exams in the states where they want to practice.

Just like medical doctors, chiropractors are professionals that are subject to the same type of testing procedures, licensing and monitoring by state and national peer-reviewed boards. Federal and state programs, such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Workers' Compensations programs cover chiropractic care, and all federal agencies accept sick-leave certificates signed by doctors of chiropractic. Chiropractors are also commissioned as officers in the military.

The biggest difference between chiropractors and medical doctors lies not in their level of education, but in their preferred method of caring for people. Medical doctors are trained in the use of medicines (chemicals that affect your internal biochemistry) and surgery. Consequently, if you have a chemical problem, such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, or an infection, medical doctors can be very helpful. However, if your problem is that your spine is mis-aligned or you have soft tissue damage causing pain, there is no chemical in existence that can fix it. You need a physical solution to correct a physical problem. That is where chiropractic really shines. Chiropractors provide physical solutions — adjustments, exercises, stretches, muscle therapy — to help the body heal from conditions that are physical in origin, such as back pain, muscle spasms, headaches, and poor posture. Another distinction is the fact that it is completely appropriate to receive chiropractic care even if you do not have symptoms. Unlike standard medical doctors, whom you visit when you have a symptom to be treated, chiropractors offer adjustments to improve spinal alignment and overall well-being before symptoms develop.


Are You Ready For Chiropractic Care

by admin on November 27, 2011

Come See The People

On one of my recent visits to Dr. Rene's office the usual activity was happening.  There are always about 3 or 4 people waiting to be adjusted as you walk in and they cycle out as quickly as they cycle in.   This constant flow of people in and people out happens throughout the day.  This gives you a good opportunity to meet a number of clients and get to see Dr. Rene interact with the various people and their friends and family members as well. 

Enter The Case Study

On this particular day a women and her mother came in while I was there.  The women has been a patient of Rene's for a little under a year and expressed how much the consistent chiropractic care has changed her life.  Her mother had never been to a chiropractor but the lady had obviously spent some time talking about how much it has helped her and so the mother came with her to check out the process.

Through conversation it was revealed that the mother has chronic pain and was taking a variety of medications for relief.  She had made the journey on this day and actually was inside of the office and watching her daughter get adjusted.  The mother was also very aware of the benefits her daughter had experienced over the past months from Dr. Rene's care yet she was still very apprehensive about receiving chiropractic care herself.  In fact she left that day without getting adjusted.  

Evaluating The Situation

I have thought about this situation a lot lately.  This lady was making a choice to continue to live with the pain she was experiencing and taking medication for but was obviously not realizing any long term improvements with this particular treatment program she had in place.  She will continue to ingest prescribed and non-prescribed drugs to mask the pain but not accept an alternative that was being proven to be effective and long term from her very own daughter.  No drugs – no pain.   Just good consistent chiropractic adjustment that costs $97 month.   No telling how much the medication costs and good luck if the health insurance is not in tact. 

Are You Ready?

The bigger point to all of this is some people are ready and some people are not.  If you are one of the people that is ready to take charge of your life and seek a solution that utilizes the essence of the body to heal your pains, fill out the form on the right and get started today.  I am glad I have made this choice and if you need some testimonies there are a number of them on this site or just come into the office and sit for a minute.   You will meet a wide variety of people that  are experiencing this form of care and realizing outstanding results.  They get their life back and so much more.


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